Communities Take Charge – Online Component

The “Communities Take Charge” program is a neighborhood-based approach to reducing energy use through no-cost and low-cost actions. The goals of this program are to engage a broad base of residents, create community around energy issues, and establish a base of energy-aware residents who will then be invited to participate in energy programs that require higher levels of involvement. Over three years, Communities Take Charge will recruit at least 5,500 participants (10% of Corvallis residents).

Residents are invited to participate in Communities Take Charge by pledging to try three energy-reducing actions for one month.  Residents will be able to track their neighborhood’s progress toward meeting its goals and their neighborhood’s standing in relation to other Corvallis neighborhoods on the Communities Take Charge website.  One month after residents join the program and make their Communities Take Charge pledge, they will receive an email and be asked to complete a short survey. The survey will identify the difficulties and successes residents experience in reducing energy use and will estimate energy savings achieved through the program.

Visit the Communities Take Charge website for more information: